Concrete Foundations

Raima paparahi

Superior foundations for any build

Reinforced concrete foundations and ribraft foundations have many advantages for buildings of any size and scale. Concrete foundations allow the weight of the building to be distributed across the slab, reducing the load per square metre compared to piles.

This makes concrete foundations ideal for ground with low bearing capacity. For structural safety, concrete and ribraft foundations are durable, fire resistant, and draught, borer, termite and vermin proof.

We have a specialist concrete team who construct superior foundations for residential, commercial and industrial structures. This means we can offer you concrete services as a subcontractor or as part of a complete build.

Commercial and industrial foundations

With the increasing technical demands on large commercial and industrial structures, especially around earthquake complaince, we have the expertise to design and lay a foundation that meets or exceeds the required specifications. We also have the resources to lay foundations for time sensitive builds.

Residential foundations

Concrete foundations for residential builds provide a lower, streamlined look with all the advantages of a slab for load bearing and safety. We can design foundations to include decking, patios, driveways or to promote easy access.

Foundations for social housing projects

Our concrete capabilities allow social housing developments to get out of ground faster, which is ideal for projects with time constraints. This allows construction to proceed efficiently and aids the supply chain for getting materials on site.